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a little of this week

_DSC0019these pretty french red hexies arrived yesterday from Rosalie…from Victoria, Australia

love them …they will fit in perfectly!


This is a quick layer cake quilt I made recently…

It’s a pattern from the Missouri Quilt Co on youtube

_DSC0009 _DSC0010 _DSC0008


Now that I am looking at the photo I can see where I should have moved the red squares around a little more…anyway we can learn from our mistakes…


I woke up yesterday morning to the council cutting down the jacaranda tree


…and now the view from the front of our house looks like this!



…The kookaburra sat on the aerial all the while it was being cut down.

see the nest in the tree…the bloke cutting it down did leave that branch till last…

was it a kookaburra nest?




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…this snake has taken up residence in our roof!

We fill in one space it gets in and it just finds another gap…this time above

the sewing room…I really don’t want it there…




…so next time we know it’s out we will have to fill in the gap on the corner of the house.

The birds warn us where it is…they are so funny…squawking until we take notice.


..this is my hexagons I have received in the hexagon swap…how many is enough for a quilt?


…our empty pool.  It has been painted for the second time since July.

After it was painted the first time we filled it up, put in bags of salt…it looked great for a couple of days.

Then what looked like a leaf from a distance turned out to be cement render that had fallen off…

So then it had to be emptied and painted again…this time hoping it will be right.

The painter has been by today to check on it and sweep out the leaves.

He says maybe fill it on about Tuesday…


It’s been a really nice, relaxing Sunday…warm and sunny…