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…these lovely hexagons arrived from Simone today!


…and this beautiful card!


…thanks Simone. I love them…


…and I’m just adding this picture because it’s Christmas colours, and I love these trees!   The enormous poinciana tree, next door is only just beginning to come out in flower.





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morning out

We went for a drive to Mullumbimby, yesterday.

I bought an overlay for my sweet sixteen quilting machine, from a shop on the Gold Coast, called the Sewing Wave.  The owner was coming down to Mullum to do some work so he bought the overlay down with him…and I had to meet him to collect it.

So we had a morning in Mullum…it is such a friendly town…people in the street smile at you…the shop assistants are pleasant and helpful.

And I love going there because my Mum spent her teenage years living in Mullum…and I grew up with stories of  the town.  My grandparents had a Cafe  there…before they decided to go back to farming at Main Arm, which is just a little north.Image…my Grandparents house was in this pretty tree lined street.  The house is no longer there…a new house is built in it’s place.


And this is Mt Chincogan, an extinct volcano that is on the edge go the town.

We collected the overlay, went to the Timber Slab factory so Peter could buy some offcuts of exotic and native wood for his woodworking projects.  Then we had lunch at the Empire Cafe which has been there since he early days and had a look in the shops.

And the overlay is going to make a big difference to my sweet sixteen machine…it makes the table smooth and flat to use rulers with it.

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…the Christmas tree is up.

Image…a few presents wrapped.

Image…the wreath is on the front door.

Image…and a few other Christmas touches around the house.

I only like the Christmas decorations to be fairly simple….

I have spent the last few weeks tidying the house…sorting things, and generally reorganising.

Today I got out my hand stitched quilt to add some more hexagons to…after having a break from it I will have to get back in the mood of being obsessed with working on it.