unfinished double wedding ring quilt

I work on so many different projects at the same time, too many!!

So some unfinished quilt projects from years ago are being retired, as never to finish, and I am putting the fabric back into my stash.   And this is one such project started in a workshop many years ago, and I had only done a few blocks.  I have thrown out the notes to the workshop long ago.


Then when I pulled it out of it’s bag, I thought those old fabrics are too pretty not to finish making it.

So then I had to find another pattern and method on the web.  The one I found is done over paper, much easier than the previous method.


Then I decided to change the background to this spotted fabric.  So today I spent some time making arches for the double wedding ring, how big it will become, I have not decided.  I think double wedding rings look wonderful as full size quilts.

Than I was thinking could it possibly have different backgrounds?  That way I don’t have to unpick what i already made.