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rainy weekend…

Today, was a nicer, sunny day after a few days of heavy rain.

There was a trip to spotlight, I was looking for rayon seam binding but they didn’t have any.  Very disappointing or is it frustrating when shops don’t carry what your looking for and the staff don’t even know what the product is.

Anyway I still found something there, the material obsession quilt book and a couple of fat quarters.



This morning after all the rain last night, we found a bandicoot trapped in the bottom of our empty pool.  (the pool is being painted if it ever stops raining).  He was happy to be rescued…

_DSC0033 There are 3 baby squeakys, the parents are kept busy with feeding them.  They squeak all day for food.





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drive in the countryside…

We went for a drive to in the countryside to Patches of Kyogle, as they had this fabric called Emma Louise pale coffee.   I have been seeing on blogs the Stonefields quilt and decided to join in the fun.  so now I have the background and can begin tomorrow.DSCN0609


Then we had a wander down the main street and lunch in a cafe.




And decided to take a big loop home, past grazing cattle.


And through a little town by the river.


Along a dirt road towards a rainbow.



And back past another twist of the river.


It turned out to be a much longer day out than first planned, but it was a nice drive in the country and I have the background fabric I need to begin the quilt.


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BOM…bring me flowers

Having a very unproductive day, though I had a blood test early this morning then got my hair cut. Sometimes it’s good to go slow.

The last part of bring me flowers BOM arrived today. I have not kept up with making them each month, because other quilts became more important to work on. So I still have this quilt to look forward to stitching.


It’s so cold today, so the fire is just starting, hoping it will warm the house, some.
I’m writing this post from the wordpress app on my ipad, not sure how the photo will look like.

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roses and sewing

I’m looking forward to the days being warmer.  I went to the sewing room for a while, but was just too cold, so I’m back inside where it’s warmer.  I have been making double wedding ring arcs, I pulled out all the blue scraps I have.  It makes such a mess playing with scraps, anyway I can shut the door and tidy it later.

These pretty roses were $5 at Woolworth’s…



They aren’t perfect, but so pretty!


And this is another quilt I have been working on. The Di Ford mystery quilt from Quiltmania magazine.   This is round 3, I have already made round 4, I just need to finish this applique border before the next magazine arrives.


One of the things I like about the mystery BOM is that I get to work with fabrics I might not choose.