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stitching and spring

I was in a quilting mood, until I ran out of white cotton and the car has a problem.


I’m still learning how to machine quilt on my sweet sixteen machine.  Sometimes my lines are a little crooked, but I keep going, hoping they will improve with practice.


I had this quilting template for a lot of years, and it fitted perfectly into the double wedding ring circle.  Though it is a hand quilting template which means I have to go over, already stitched lines.


Anyway, I was having fun stitching this, until I ran out of cotton.

Hope the car is fixed today.  To buy cotton I have to go to the next town, our little village doesn’t have a shop that sells cotton.  So today I will have to work on one of my many other projects.

On Monday, now spring has arrived and the days are so wonderful, I did some furniture rearranging.  After moving four pieces of furniture to different rooms, I am happy with the new arrangement.  We have lived here for 3 years now and I still haven’t got things totally organised.

These draws came from the family room to the kitchen…and I like their colour in this location.