Amitie mystery quilt….

This months Amitie mystery quilt arrived with all these pretty fabrics to add.  DSCN0958

After making the templates, I was spread out on the table busy cutting out the blocks.


 I stitched a few…DSCN0961…And more cut out and marked ready for hand stitching!


I love how it uses a large variety of fabrics…


roses and sewing

I’m looking forward to the days being warmer.  I went to the sewing room for a while, but was just too cold, so I’m back inside where it’s warmer.  I have been making double wedding ring arcs, I pulled out all the blue scraps I have.  It makes such a mess playing with scraps, anyway I can shut the door and tidy it later.

These pretty roses were $5 at Woolworth’s…



They aren’t perfect, but so pretty!


And this is another quilt I have been working on. The Di Ford mystery quilt from Quiltmania magazine.   This is round 3, I have already made round 4, I just need to finish this applique border before the next magazine arrives.


One of the things I like about the mystery BOM is that I get to work with fabrics I might not choose.


what I have been working on…

Stitching on my current quilt project didn’t progress much over Christmas.  Our little quilt group met last Sunday so I got it out before going and have been working on it this week.  And this is where it’s at now…


There is three of us in the group making this quilt…and they will all be different…

After I put away the Christmas tree I have been spending some time rearranging the house…bought another lounge for the family room…which makes it much more comfortable.  Sorted out cupboards and gave to the op shop what wasn’t needed anymore.

Yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary…we had lunch at a new Cafe that overlooks lighthouse beach…we spent so much of our teenage years on that beach.




We were 18 and 21…thought we knew it all…and it was the 70’s had to do things differently so a hat instead of a veil!

It’s raining today, after a few days of very hot temperatures. Image