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Hexie flower swap…

I keep meaning to update my blog, but the day gets busy and than becomes another day I didn’t take photos of my stitching. So today when hexagon flowers arrived from Ruthanne I took photos and now I’m posting.These pretty flowers are from Ruthanne.These flowers are from Shannon.And this is the stack of flowers I have received from around the world!I’m not sure how I want to put them together, I had one idea but now seem to have changed my mine. I was going to surround them with different coloured shot cottons, but now I’m not so keen on that.I really do want to blog regularly, I loved it when I was.

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New Year…

Wishing all a happy new year…

My plan for this year is to blog more and regularly.   I received a new camera for Christmas, so I am excited to take pictures, again.  Though I did take this picture of the new baby kookaburra with my old camera.  The baby kookaburra came out of his nest on Christmas eve with lots of noisy excitement from the parents.fullsizeoutput_d5


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local creek….

It was council election day…so while we were in the area, we stopped by Bullwinkle park for a minute.  Haven’t been down there in years.


There is a creek that runs through the park, which  years ago was the town’s swimming place.  Now it is left to nature, it often has tortoises, but I didn’t see any today.


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just some pictures…

There has been sunshine and rain this week, the days have been everything from warmer to freezing cold and in no particular order.   Longing for spring and warmer days and sunshine instead of grey skies.

The early morning sun was shining through the trees and throwing a shadow of the lantern, that hangs on the veranda, onto the window.   I tried to photograph the shadow, if you look carefully, there is a shadow.

This is our local young kookaburra, he just quietly waits around.  He was also enjoying the sunshine.

Then we had 24 hours of constant heavy rain…

These little birds found a dry place…

And the sun is shinning today…and hopfully it will be a little warmer.

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New book!

I just received this new book by Margaret Sampson George in the mail and love it.

I have started the quilt on the cover after going to her workshop, a while back.  Now I need to get it out and work some more on it. Her quilts are very inspiring, to try new and different designs.

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bundle of fabric…

This little bundle of fabric arrived today, from Amitie Textiles.  It’s from their bi-monthly fabric club.  I love playing with these bright, colourful fabrics.  It stretches my creativeness to have a variety of fabrics, that I probably would not, necessarily choose if I was picking them.


I love how they neatly package them, so the bundle has different fabrics on each side of the plastic packet.  Too nice to open and start cutting into them, but tomorrow that is what I will be doing.

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market today…

what I found at the market today…sometimes I think I shouldn’t bring home anymore stuff, than I just find something I have to have!!!
_DSC0303Quilt book $1,  box $3 and xmas decoration made from vintage jewellery.

I like a couple of patterns in the book.


This quilt as you go, last time I was at quilt group I seen this quilt made and I and others were really attracted to the way it is put together.


And this scrappy quilt is attracting my attention, so soft and gentle.


the decoration hanging on the tree.


pretty tile on the lid of he box…

The list of quilts I want to make is always growing.
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