lavender and hexies…

The first signs of spring, being near is starting to arrive around here.  The days are wonderful, warm and sunny, just the weather I like.  My friend dropped in a pretty bunch of lavender on Saturday


And today, Jenny from Brisbane sent me hexagon flowers.  I love them and the centre with the paris print is wonderful.


I am so behind on sending out my hexagons, I have most of them made, I just need to organise them and go to the post office.  I definitely will get them sent this week!!!

Amitie mystery quilt….

This months Amitie mystery quilt arrived with all these pretty fabrics to add.  DSCN0958

After making the templates, I was spread out on the table busy cutting out the blocks.


 I stitched a few…DSCN0961…And more cut out and marked ready for hand stitching!


I love how it uses a large variety of fabrics…

new day…

I decided to have a name change to my blog, now  I love the term soul treat and isn’t that what stitching or anything crafts and art is to a a creative person.  A time for relaxation, a time to play with colour, texture,and design.  And most of all a time of peace.

When I started my blog the name I choose seemed fitting.  We were recovering from being in a major traffic accident and life was taking some time out.  Now it’s time to move on, even though that accident totally changed our lives, all we could do is find the good things to go forward.

So now my stitching is about a treat not time out.  And finding time to stitch in a day is certainly good for the soul.


So, you will find me relaxing and stitching and posting more.

mailman arrived

Today the mailman bought me my first Massdrop order._DSC0354

I purchased Karen Buckley medium size scissors and the little curved ones were included.

I already have the large and small scissors and they are wonderful.  The serrated edge does stop the fabric fraying out.  Great for applique.


Now I need to go and cut up some fabric.   Will be back soon with what I have been working on.


The first Sunday of the month, and it usually means a trip to the car boot market in a nearby town.   There is always lots of old treasures people are selling, lots of plants and old tools for my husband to look at and buy sometimes, when he finds something he likes.  But today it was this chippy paint, old high chair that I found.  After looking through the whole market I had to go back for a second look at it, and then the decision was made and it came home with us.

_DSC0327Now, it sits in the corner with a quilt and teddy…


…like my quilt cupboard behind, rustic.


…and I think I will leave the paint the way it is.


i do intend to post more this year…but things come up and I just don’t get around to sitting down and deciding what to write.  So, this is a quick post while I have a  cup of tea and toast for breakfast on our verandah.  Sunday, was our first quilt group day, and we had a lovely day catching up with what everyone has been working on.  The last few days have been really hot and humid which only makes me want to stay inside where the air con is on and not in the sewing room.  I finished the quilt top I got for xmas, I need to take some pictures and the plan was to have it quilted before the group day, but that didn’t happen.

My plans for this year is to spend a lot of time sewing and quilting…finish some quilts and generally relax and enjoy days!  And keep my garden more maintained.   While we were away, the house was painted outside and it was so nice to come home to a freshly painted house.

What I wanted to post a picture of today, is the galahs that have arrived at the bird feeder. This is what happens, when the seed I bought is large bird seed, instead of the usual small bird seed.  We usually only feed a couple of rosellas but with big bird seed the galah’s have arrived.



These are baby galah’s…I’ve never seen so many young galah’s as there is around here this year.   And they are so funny…they even sound like babies.  The one on the right, in the picture below is very young.



We really need to replace the brush panel on the fence, possums run up it at night which is breaking pieces off it.

We realy