catching up…

Wow…it’s ages since I updated my blog..I don’t mean to neglect it, but the day just gets away and I haven’t taken any photos or thought about what I wanted to say.   I guess I’m just happy and occupied with the everyday things…

But I have been stitching and my aim is to finish some tops that have been in boxes and bags and have some more space in my sewing room.  I have moved things around in there and am much happy with my new arrangement.    My sewing machine is now under a window instead of looking at the wall, while I sew.

Anyway, here is a few quick pics of what I’ve been working on….




I keep thinking I should take out that brown fabric…but I do like it…not sure!   I know this quilt has a bitsy look but that is what I like about it, and it was a pleasure to make.  Looking at the pic now, maybe I should swap the middle and brown block over.



This quilt has raw edges, that will fray, around the flowers….I bought the pattern last year when I went to WA.

ImageAnd this folk quilt I started many years ago…it had swags in the border…but I decided to leave them off and just go with a plain border.  I think it was the swag border that first attracted me to the pattern but this way it is finished.





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