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local creek….

It was council election day…so while we were in the area, we stopped by Bullwinkle park for a minute.  Haven’t been down there in years.


There is a creek that runs through the park, which  years ago was the town’s swimming place.  Now it is left to nature, it often has tortoises, but I didn’t see any today.


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market today…

what I found at the market today…sometimes I think I shouldn’t bring home anymore stuff, than I just find something I have to have!!!
_DSC0303Quilt book $1,  box $3 and xmas decoration made from vintage jewellery.

I like a couple of patterns in the book.


This quilt as you go, last time I was at quilt group I seen this quilt made and I and others were really attracted to the way it is put together.


And this scrappy quilt is attracting my attention, so soft and gentle.


the decoration hanging on the tree.


pretty tile on the lid of he box…

The list of quilts I want to make is always growing.
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fabric shopping…

The week has flown by…must be having fun! The days are a little warmer now spring has arrived, so I have done a little bit of work in the garden, this week.

Last week was such terrible weather, and our quilt group had planned a trip to the quilt shop up the coast. We decided to go no matter what the weather, but as we travelled north the bad weather cleared and the sun was out all day…though it was still very windy.
Anyway, we had a nice day visiting quilt/fabric shops…and did some buying!!
After a quick tea break, at one friend’s place, who lives a little north, we continued on and first stop was Fifi’s Fabricology

Fifi’s has lots of wonderful fabrics and a sale room, with 30% off or 40% off if you buy whats left on the roll._DSC0216

 These fabrics, I bought for a workshop I will be doing at the end of September.


These fabrics were from the sale room.  Love the green fabric, it is a basic grey fabric and I bought all that was on the roll, 2 metres.  And stripes, everyone wondered what I would do with the big red stripe, but I kept going back to it, so I bought a metre.  It’s a cabbage and roses fabric.


Then we headed for Eastcoast fabrics at Burleigh…and I bought a metre of this spot for $3.95 and some linen to make table runner.

Then the next stop was Fantasia at Tweed Heads… I only bought a marking pen there.

After Fifi’s we stopped for lunch at The Wood Box at West Burleigh.  The food was wonderful, and the cafe has such a wonderful atmosphere.  


Then last weekend, our local craft weekend was on…so there was some more fabric shopping. A lovely piece of linen and a packet of reproduction pieces.  I had the pink fabric before and loved it, so this packet had some in it.


And some more french general fabrics, from Rainbow Patchwork…intended to use for the workshop.


So I had a fun week with fabric.  And I love these John James needles, bought from Fifi’s. I have been hand quilting with one, and they are so smooth and the eye end doesn’t stick into your finger.  I think they will be all I will use in future.



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morning out

We went for a drive to Mullumbimby, yesterday.

I bought an overlay for my sweet sixteen quilting machine, from a shop on the Gold Coast, called the Sewing Wave.  The owner was coming down to Mullum to do some work so he bought the overlay down with him…and I had to meet him to collect it.

So we had a morning in Mullum…it is such a friendly town…people in the street smile at you…the shop assistants are pleasant and helpful.

And I love going there because my Mum spent her teenage years living in Mullum…and I grew up with stories of  the town.  My grandparents had a Cafe  there…before they decided to go back to farming at Main Arm, which is just a little north.Image…my Grandparents house was in this pretty tree lined street.  The house is no longer there…a new house is built in it’s place.


And this is Mt Chincogan, an extinct volcano that is on the edge go the town.

We collected the overlay, went to the Timber Slab factory so Peter could buy some offcuts of exotic and native wood for his woodworking projects.  Then we had lunch at the Empire Cafe which has been there since he early days and had a look in the shops.

And the overlay is going to make a big difference to my sweet sixteen machine…it makes the table smooth and flat to use rulers with it.