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stitching and spring

I was in a quilting mood, until I ran out of white cotton and the car has a problem.


I’m still learning how to machine quilt on my sweet sixteen machine.  Sometimes my lines are a little crooked, but I keep going, hoping they will improve with practice.


I had this quilting template for a lot of years, and it fitted perfectly into the double wedding ring circle.  Though it is a hand quilting template which means I have to go over, already stitched lines.


Anyway, I was having fun stitching this, until I ran out of cotton.

Hope the car is fixed today.  To buy cotton I have to go to the next town, our little village doesn’t have a shop that sells cotton.  So today I will have to work on one of my many other projects.

On Monday, now spring has arrived and the days are so wonderful, I did some furniture rearranging.  After moving four pieces of furniture to different rooms, I am happy with the new arrangement.  We have lived here for 3 years now and I still haven’t got things totally organised.

These draws came from the family room to the kitchen…and I like their colour in this location.


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September Swap…

The September swap (Lets Stitch Together Swap) arrived today.  My swap partner was Jeanette from jeanettespatch.

The swap was to make a bag and fill it with pampering things…and Jeanette sent these lovely perfumed surprises, filling the bag made with beautiful hydrangea fabric.


Inside was a collection of lovely soap and body wash, tea and tim tams, plus more!


And these pretty note cards…


And the bag Jeanette made…


And handmade card…


Thanks Jeanette, they are lovely and pretty together…

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fabric shopping…

The week has flown by…must be having fun! The days are a little warmer now spring has arrived, so I have done a little bit of work in the garden, this week.

Last week was such terrible weather, and our quilt group had planned a trip to the quilt shop up the coast. We decided to go no matter what the weather, but as we travelled north the bad weather cleared and the sun was out all day…though it was still very windy.
Anyway, we had a nice day visiting quilt/fabric shops…and did some buying!!
After a quick tea break, at one friend’s place, who lives a little north, we continued on and first stop was Fifi’s Fabricology

Fifi’s has lots of wonderful fabrics and a sale room, with 30% off or 40% off if you buy whats left on the roll._DSC0216

 These fabrics, I bought for a workshop I will be doing at the end of September.


These fabrics were from the sale room.  Love the green fabric, it is a basic grey fabric and I bought all that was on the roll, 2 metres.  And stripes, everyone wondered what I would do with the big red stripe, but I kept going back to it, so I bought a metre.  It’s a cabbage and roses fabric.


Then we headed for Eastcoast fabrics at Burleigh…and I bought a metre of this spot for $3.95 and some linen to make table runner.

Then the next stop was Fantasia at Tweed Heads… I only bought a marking pen there.

After Fifi’s we stopped for lunch at The Wood Box at West Burleigh.  The food was wonderful, and the cafe has such a wonderful atmosphere.  


Then last weekend, our local craft weekend was on…so there was some more fabric shopping. A lovely piece of linen and a packet of reproduction pieces.  I had the pink fabric before and loved it, so this packet had some in it.


And some more french general fabrics, from Rainbow Patchwork…intended to use for the workshop.


So I had a fun week with fabric.  And I love these John James needles, bought from Fifi’s. I have been hand quilting with one, and they are so smooth and the eye end doesn’t stick into your finger.  I think they will be all I will use in future.